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  • GMM
  • livguard
  • safex

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  • Balkrishna-Industries
  • Suzlon
  • Titagarh-Wagons

Disclaimer: We have become aware that certain unknown persons have created fake WhatsApp groups and are posting fraudulent messages on such groups by impersonating ChrysCapital and its partner(s) and/or holding themselves out as a ‘Chief Trader’ at ChrysCapital. These messages state that an official of the ChrysCapital group will share daily market information and trading tactics and promise monetary bonus upon joining the group or state that ChrysCapital is seeking more individual investors to form a retail alliance. ChrysCapital has no relation with such unknown persons and has not authorized setting up of any such WhatsApp groups. We are taking appropriate legal action, including filing of police complaints against these perpetrators, seeking appropriate action.

Please note that neither ChrysCapital nor its partners offer any market or other information or investment advice on any social media platform or group nor do ChrysCapital or its partners seek more individual investors to form a retail investor alliance or, recommend stocks over WhatsApp messages. ChrysCapital does not take responsibility for any message(s) posted on any platform or group or any message(s) shared by individuals representing themselves as a ‘Chief Trader’ at ChrysCapital. We urge investors to exercise vigilance and due diligence before participating in and/or entrusting their funds to any persons on social media platforms or groups or responding to such message(s).